Get Personal with Video

Using pre-recorded videos, you can get personal with prospects using automation.

  • Convert Easily

    Keeping it personal while using automation is difficult. Using Video Funnels, your prospects will feel your personality, but the process is automated to be easier for you.

  • Virtual Team Members

    Using pre-recorded videos, you can answer prospects’ questions, keep the sales process moving, and do much of the work that assistants do for you. Bonus: It’s all you!

  • FREE Templates

    Using our pre-designed templates, you can have your video funnel up and running in no time. No guesswork! Our Video Funnels are tested and proven to convert!

Hi! My name is Ben Barber.

(I train agents on lead generation and conversion strategies)

I offer a FREE training course when you upgrade your VideoAsk account from free to a paid account.

There’s no contract from VideoAsk, and my course shows you how to supercharge your lead generation!

Here’s what’s included as a free bonus for upgrading your VideoAsk account.

Course curriculum

  • 1

    First Things First...

    • Welcome to Video Funnel Secrets!

    • System Setup

    • How Video Funnels Work

  • 2

    Videoask Student Lessons

    • Create New Folder

    • Edit the Testimonial Template

    • Share Testimonial Link

    • Respond to Contact

    • Add Survey to My Testimonial Funnel

    • Edit Your My Testimonial Funnel

    • Create Homes List Funnel

    • Add Appointment Option to Homes List Funnel

    • Create Landing Page in CRM for Homes List Funnel

    • Bonus - Add Custom Branding to Your Videoask (Need Paid Plan)

  • 3

    Planning Your Video Funnel

    • Some Thoughts On Planning Your Video Funnel

    • The 3 Steps of a Video Funnel

    • Planning Your Starting Event

    • Mapping Your Outcomes

    • Creating Your Videoask Draft

    • The Final Project - A Start to Finish Example

  • 4

    Creating a New Video Funnel

    • Module Overview

    • Creating a New Video Funnel

  • 5

    Following Up with Contacts

    • A Message About Contact Follow Up

    • How to Respond to Contacts

  • 6


    • You Did It! Now What?

Your Success on Overdrive!

The Video Funnel Secrets team is here to drive your success!

  • Private Facebook Group

    Get exclusive access to the Video Funnel Secrets private Facebook group. Interact with other agents and our experts. Get honest feedback on your funnels. Find inspiration from hundreds of other professionals.

  • Video Funnel Templates

    Our FREE Video Funnel templates allow you to launch your video marketing fast! Marketing and follow-up strategies and more, all automated to set you free to do what you do best ...make the sale!

  • Mastermind Critique

    Feedback from masters in their field is invaluable. Our team of Video Funnel masters share their opinions, suggestions, and advice to help drive your success!

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